Trusting Activities

It would make sense that collaboration is effective when there is trust between the collaborators. However, this conventional wisdom is not easily translated in many schools (Tschannen-Moran, 2009, 2014).  Such shortfall is not the fault of these schools, but it is inherent in the school's  organizational structure and system.   Sometimes the hierarchy of roles within an institution inhibits the fostering of trust. … Continue reading Trusting Activities

Human Capital, CFG Principles, & Design Thinking

  One of the most challenging aspects that international school leaders face is uniting a community that is transient.  This phenomenon has been observed by many international schools across the world.  High student mobility, staff turnover, and cultural diversity are hinderances to international school stability  (Stuart, 2016). Human capital is an important factor to building school stability and overall … Continue reading Human Capital, CFG Principles, & Design Thinking