Trust: A Matter of Perception

I've heard some people say that trust at work is not given but earned.  And the literature would suggest that workplace trust is a critical factor for maintaining employee satisfaction and productivity.  After all, we can reason that we work better together when we trust one another.  However, earning trust would suggest prolonged familiarity for staff members to create.  And such … Continue reading Trust: A Matter of Perception

Accountable and Collaborative

For transformational change to occur in international schools, common understanding within the school is critical.  Recently I reread a chapter from Stuart's  (2016) Global Perspectives.   In this section, Singapore American School teacher Joshua Curnett highlights  the challenges when international teacher cooperate.  These obstacles come from a different perspective  of how the Professional Learning Communities (PLC) model  (Dufour, Dufour, … Continue reading Accountable and Collaborative