Student Voice through Personal Passion Projects

The Personal Passion Project (P3) is a student driven program initiated by our Grade 10 advisory program and developed as an important unit of learning in the sophomore English classes by our high school English teacher, Ms. LeAnne Stanhope. She explains, “English class is about having a voice with an opinion relevant to today’s audience. At the same time, our students need to apply their learning in a real world context.  P3 gives our students the authentic experience to enact change on issues which matter to them.”
Throughout this trimester, Ms Stanhope taught the students to approach their topic with a  “human-center” perspective.  That is, they learned to understand an issue through the viewpoints of the people affected.  Students interviewed, talked with, and learned from teachers, parents, and members from our community.   As a result, our students gained empathy and were inspired to work on their own projects.
The products from P3 exceeded Ms. Stanhope’s expectations.  She observed that the students were deeply connected and motivated by P3.  All students put in substantial time and effort into their work.  For instance, one student spent many hours learning to code so that he could program a 3D computer game.  Ms. Stanhope also talked about how extensive these projects became.  In particular, she described one student had written and illustrated an entire children’s book to professional quality.  Then this student translated the story to French and made a second version.   I’ve included in this article with a few examples.  Indeed our students’ strong motivation and perseverance support such high quality work .
The finished product of Ms. Stanhope’s students will be showcased on May 20, 2015.  Combined with Mr. Brett Bracalenti’s art class, the event will display students’ creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills.  As curriculum coordinator, I am excited to know that our students’ work is of high calibre.  I hope you too can join me in celebrating our students’ voices in this upcoming P3 exhibition.

A team of students wrote and produced a murder mystery TV series which were half hour long.

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