Teach Like A Pirate or Professional Development in the 21st Century

Today I had an “A-ha” moment.  Jacki Prati (@Jacki_prati) , Marcie Hebert (@mrsmhebert ) and I (@ngmarlon) did our first Google Hangout with teachers from our respective school as a Book Club on Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess.  Meanwhile we ran a Twitter backchannel with #INTLAP.  We each had several teachers from our schools on the Hangout and there were others who joined in the backchannel.  Amazing experience!  Here is my take away.

1.  So much professional development comes when we share real life experiences with one another.  It was authentic and meaningful.

2.  So good to hear common stories.  Having taught only overseas, I feel so reassured to hear the same ups and downs we all face as educators.

3.  How do we teach our students to collaborate globally when we don’t do it ourselves?

As professional learning communities focus on student evidence to drive learning across the school;  a professional learning network focuses on our collective wisdom to drive professional growth.  So let’s start thinking broader and be more creative with professional development.  The whole edcamp movement and success comes from the notion that we teachers can be some of the best educators for our professionals.  What if we had shared PDs between schools.

Thank you to Beverly, Scott, Tonya, Rachel, Erica, Marcie, and Jackie, you’ve made my day!

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